Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thanksgiving Project Planning

You guys know me: I love planning and I love reducing stress whenever possible. Enter the Thanksgiving Project Plan. 

My aunt and I started brainstorming what our meals are going to be for the week we are all together. We are going to have different family members sign up to take on the preparation and the clean-up of each meal. 

We are going to do a fondue night, which I'm really excited about: cheese (with bread), meat, and chocolate (strawberries, pretzels, and rice krispie treats). 

Our project plan has multiple tabs: the schedule with the meals (along with who's responsible for prep and clean-up) + the events for the week; a list of things to bring from home; grocery list; and a detailed breakdown of who is doing what the prep which parts of our bigger meals. 

I recognize that there are folks out there saying, "Thank goodness this woman is not part of my family." Luckily, my family appreciates having a plan! My hope is that it will reduce stress all around (and minimize trips to the grocery store during a stressful time).

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