Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Family Goals: 2018

I recently finished reading a book about the epidemic of over-parenting, and one of the things I'm majorly guilty of is approaching parenting like a project. 

I definitely don't want to over-parent. I believe in its ill effects. I am constantly trying to find the line between being intentional and thoughtful with this one life I have and approaching parenting like a project that negatively impacts my children. It's hard for me! 

So please chime in with your sincere feedback any time on any post! I mean it. I only ask that you say it with a kind tone (but the actual feedback can be straight to the point). 

But I digress...

In the spirit of being intentional with my one chance at parenthood, my family and I came up with our goals for 2018. There's lots of overlap from last year and a few goals are making appearances from previous years (you can find all of our goals here).

Henry wanted to increase our volunteer activities from two to three. Tate is worried about how we are going to plant 100 trees. 

I'm excited about these goals. They embody the kind of family we want to be: one that spends a lot of quality time together--experiencing new things, making the world better, and connecting with nature.

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