Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello, 2018!

Some of my friends were worried about me after receiving my somewhat depressing holiday card recap of 2017. I had to assure them that I was actually feeling a lot better by the time the year was coming to a close and I was gearing up for 2018. 

My theme for this year is Sustain & Strengthen. If I were going to use a yoga metaphor to explain, it would be that I'm not going to introduce any new poses into my repertoire; I'm simply going to keep practicing the ones I know so that I'm doing them with more strength, composure, and grace. 

It means that I cut things off my list (like I'm not going to start an Austin chapter of Navigators USA), and I'm not going to commit to learning the ukulele (I still might do it, but I'm not going to set it as a goal that I'm gunning for). 

I'm only adding two "new" things this year: journaling and therapy. Journaling is such a powerful tool in my life. It enables me to process what's going on, set goals, adjust them as necessary, hold myself accountable, work things out, and generally be a better person. I'm also looking forward to starting therapy for many of the same reasons. I'm going to add those two tools to my list of strategies that I want to maintain in the new year:
  • Exercising at least two times per week
  • Talking with a leadership coach every other week
  • Consistent routines: stopping work by 8pm, getting sufficient sleep, staying hydrated, not eating out too much, practicing gratitude and meditation
I essentially want to sustain and deepen the three core buckets in life (according to The Good Life Project): Contribution, Connection, and Vitality. 

I have specific ways that I want to be a better leader and colleague in the upcoming year (and once I accomplish my most immediate goals, I will use journaling and leadership coaching to start working on the next set). I also have specific ways that I want to be a better mother, wife, and family member. I want to generate ideas for deepening my friendships (and building new ones), and I want to maintain the vitality habits I already have. 

It sounds so vague when I try to describe it! Inside my journal, it's much clearer. I have a statement that I want to be true about this year, the ways I will be able to measure whether or not that statement is coming to fruition, and the strategies I'm going to employ to be successful. I'm going into it knowing that the strategies will evolve throughout the year through therapy, leadership coaching, and journaling. 

I'm excited about the year ahead! 

Sending lots of well wishes your way for an awesome new year,


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