Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Family Traditions

Oh, my. I am so in love with our new Valentine's tradition. Here's where we landed:

On Valentine's Day, we wake up early and make waffles for breakfast. We set up the waffle maker on the table with an extension cord, so we can make them while we are eating them. Each time one comes out, we split it into fourths so we each get a piece. This year, we also made our own whipped cream. It's so easy, fun, and tasty! 

During breakfast, we make a list of what we want to do to celebrate our "Family Day of Love" in the evening. This year, our list included:

  • Movie night (Henry's idea)
  • Eating candy (Henry)
  • Children's museum (my idea)
  • Drinking hot chocolate (Henry)
  • Game night (Henry)
  • Night walk (Tate's idea)
  • Camping in the backyard (Tate)
  • Ice cream at Lick (mine)
We each got three votes, so we could narrow down the choices. We then voted between movie night and game night. It was a unanimous win for game night! 

After school, we drove to Target to pick up two of my favorite games from when I was a child: Operation and Hungry, Hungry Hippo

We ordered pizza and played games on our back deck. 

Then we filled in a love note template that I made. We each drew a name of one family member and filled it out for that person. My hope is that we do one every year. 

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