Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Back on Track: The Art of Tuning in and Not Doing Too Much


As I write this, it's a Saturday morning (I typically write my posts during the weekend and schedule them to run during the week). I just got back from my first run in a long time. I drank a smoothie. I listened to a Podcast while I showered (Friendlier), and all of my boys are out of the house together while I have a couple hours of free time. I'm sitting on our outdoor couch. It feels like Spring, and I can even hear the creek rambling. 

[insert contented sigh]

I've had to work really hard to get to this place. I had to start eating healthier food again. I had to start exercising again. Both of those things impact how I feel emotionally and mentally. I had to tell my leadership coach that I needed to slow down what we were working on. We were forging ahead on new goals, and I realized that I was losing my grip on the goal I had worked on and "accomplished" the previous year: living my life in a way that enabled me to sustain the energy I need to be a better leader, colleague, mother, friend. I put quotes around accomplished because I can be such a box-checker. And the most important goals aren't those that can just be checked off and left behind. They require consistent maintenance. I like the analogy of stretching every day to become a flexible person. Once you achieve the pinnacle of flexibility, you can't just stop stretching. 

I have a limited pipeline and only so much can fit in. I have to be incredibly intentional about what I let in (and be intentional about leaving space so that when something unexpected pops up, there's room to fit that in, too). 

So my leadership coach and I paused the other goals we were working on and starting focusing back on last year's goal. I really worked on stopping work by 8pm so I could relax for two hours before bed (I sound like a scratched CD talking about my 8pm goal, but it takes constant focus!). 

And so here I am feeling so much better. Phew! It's crazy how much I do need exercise and healthy food in my life to feel good. Well, it actually makes perfect sense. I guess the crazy part is how hard it is to try and fit in those things! 

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