Monday, September 10, 2018

Family Goals

We are more than halfway through the year!

We are doing well on our Family Goals for the year. We have already met our volunteering goals (but we will continue to volunteer throughout the rest of the year) and our goal for playing tennis. We are on track for our family vacations.

We haven't been going on day trips, so I advocated hard for one on Labor Day. We headed to San Antonio for a snack picnic at the free Japanese Tea Garden and soccer at Confluence Park. A good time was had by all--even the people who were more reluctant to go!

I'm really bad at the goal to see two performances per year. I'm not someone who gravitates toward performances for fun, but I do enjoy them when we go. I'm debating whether we should blow our entertainment budget for the month on this performance or take a trip to Wimberley for this performance, which is half the price. I'm leaning toward the latter as we tighten up our budget belt (and we could also cross off another day trip goal!).

I still need to get another camping trip scheduled.

Even though this sounds like a lot, our life actually doesn't feel too busy or over-scheduled. I'm paying close attention, since the Fall season starts to get crazy!

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Katie Kelaidis said...

Some thoughts on performances: My mother is a Classical musician. My father, well, wasn't (he was a lawyer actually). We started going to all sorts of performances with my mother from a super young age. She loved music and the theater. We had opera, symphony, and ballet season tickets. We saw lots of live theater, from little community stuff to big Broadway shows. It was faboulous. Except when Dad came. He would have rather been doing something else and it showed. I mean, he didn't dislike it once he was there, but it was clear he would have rather we did something else. My mother raised daughters with season tickets to the opera and ballet. My first real adult stab at philanthropy was the LA Phil. That being said, it's not for everyone. If you don't enjoy going to the theater, you aren't required to. it doesn't excite you, feel free to fill your time with something that does. Turning it into an item on your to-do list seems a little sad to me, and based on my experience with my father is unlikely to ignite any passion in your kids.

Sara E. Cotner said...

I appreciate your candor, Katie!

I don't think I'm quite like your dad. I only pick performances that I am interested in seeing (like I would never take us to an opera because I do not like watching operas!). I'm always excited to go once the day comes, and I enjoy it. I see it as stretching myself, and so far I have found the performances we have picked to be quite enjoyable.

Nora said...

Our library system has awesome (free) kids' performances with the symphony. We loved when they performed the book Last Stop On Market Street. Keep your eyes peeled for events like that in your area!

Sara E. Cotner said...

That sounds wonderful, Nora! I also just learned that Willie Nelson will be performing with Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke. I think that will be our next performance!

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